Maesthetic Doctors
M Aesthetic Doctors website

Problem Statement

M Aesthetic doctors is an aesthetic company based in Nottingham, U.K. I was tasked with the creative direction and website design. There was a lot of constraints on the project. The website deadline was short, there was no materials given to me, i outsourced all mateirals, edited images to represent required results, and wrote the copy.

My Role & Process


1 Problem outline

Brand & brand style guide

Website redesign

Analytics techologies


2 Stakeholder interview

Some questions asked;

Do you have any color, or text preferences?

Are there any website you like?

Any plans for marketing, or website traffic analytics?

What do you want people to do on your website?

How do you prefer to be contacted?

What makes your company special?

5 Market research

Research on potential customers

Researched the competition

6 UX research

Research the company needs



Userbility testing

7 UI design

Brand design

Brand style guide

Website design

8 Website development


Test &optimise




Brand design

Link to Video

M Aesthetics Brand design screen shot

Before i design a brand i do my best to get into the founder's head, this enables me come up with the best composition of logo and color that would not only fit with the founder's ideas but also represent what the company does.
the "M" is designed to look like a wrinckle which represents ageing.



Link to Video

M Aesthetic  screen shot

As the website was handled on a short period of time, my designs started from wireframes on my laptop, the main aim was presenting all the information needed on one screen, enabling the user to view what the company was about.



Design screen shot

The website was designed as a Brochure style webpage, as it is ment to display information only.



The menu bar was designed to stick to the screen when a user scrawls in order to display the contact information all the time for an easy access, as the aim of the page is for customer to view the product or service and contact the company.



M Aeshetics interaction gif

One of the constraints, was the request to remove the "our team" section on the page, I advised on the importance of displaying the "our team" page but the client chose not to use the section at the moment.


Contact Form design


Final design

The business goal was to make available communication channels and the services the company provides in order for the user to view the service, and reach out in any of the contact channels vailable. I did a thorough test of the website responsiveness, checked all the links, and form functionality. I then tasted the website on "website grader" to compare how strong it is against competition, and review the overall performance before presenting it to the stakeholder.

Thank you for viewing, to see the full case study please contact me.