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Marks and sebbs website Marks and sebbs website

Problem Statement

Marks & Sebbs is a construction company that operates in Nigeria. they plan to expand their services globally. They asked for a rebrand and a new website that aligns with their goals.

My aim for the project was to create a clean professional look that earns customer trust, and displays its capability.

My Role & Process


1 Problem outline

Brand & brand style guide

Website redesign

2 Stakeholder interview

Some questions asked;

Why do you want to redesign your website?

What are the new changes you want implemented?

Do you have any marketing strategy planned out for the next phase of Marks and Sebbs?

3 Website benchmarking

Benchmarked the current website but could not get any data, as the website did not use any quantifiable or analytics technologies to record website activities.

Number of visitors: N/A

Bounce rate: N/A

Time on site: N/A

4 Feasibility study

As i have contracted for the company in the past, i wrote a feasibility study

presented my research findings

outlined solutions, costs, and what the benefits are:

5 Market research

I did a market research on existing customers

Researched the competition

Designed some buyer persona

6 UX research

Site map



Userbility testing

7 UI design

Brand design

Brand style guide

Website design

8 Website development


Test & optimise




Brand design

Marks & sebbs Brand design screen shot

The main feature of the design is a formal type color, with custom icons built from the ground up to further improve the company's uniqueness.


Buyer persona

Marks & sebbs Persona analysis screen shot

I started my research by observing Marks & Sebbs primary target audience (Nigerians in Nigeria) online behaviour, the type of computers they browse the internet with, their demography. Then I moved on to research the secondary target audience (Nigerians abroad and international investors).


about 85% of shoppers use mobile devices for product research in Nigeria according to googles

74% under 25 years old use the internet, and 60% (+ or - 20) of 36+

Nigerians love talking about what they have bought on social media.

About 16% of Nigerians do in store research

73% turn to search engine and 54% turn to social media when looking for local businesses

37% of connected Nigerians watch online videos at list once a week.

52% of Nigerians have difficulty navigating websites on their mobile phones as they are not responsive

I designed questionnaires for the current and potential customers, which I sent out via "google forms" to a few "test users" in order to see if my questions are getting the right results. I made adjustments to my questionnaire. I made sure the questions were short, and open ended in order to encourage people to answer the questionnaires and have more opportunity to express themselves.

I developed my buyer personas based on the data i gathered from research and questionnaire.


Important User Needs:

1. Educative content

2. Make information easier to access.

3. Reviews, and verifiable information.

4. Amazing user experience.

Meeting User Needs:

1. Blog page which should have a landing page.

2.Display menu as a list instead of dropdown, to make information easier to find.

3.Create content according to target persona needs.

4. Work with other businesses to provide user needs


Competitive Analysis

Marks & sebbs Persona analysis screen shot

I did a S.W.O.T analysis on three key competitors. I then went ahead and compared those companies' strengths and weakness to my findings on the questionnaires. and picked the opportunities that will add value to Marks & Sebbs website and added them as a feature. One of the key finding is generating educative content, that will guide, support and grow customer confidence on making the right decision. And using the content to promote the website through social media, SEO, and word of mouth.

Site map

Marks & sebbs Site map



Marks & sebbs Sketch ideas screen shot

I pour out all the designs on my mind based on data gathered, as i also develop my designs, i am able to avoid the unnecessary design and development conflicts, think like a developer when i design.



Marks & sebbs website wireframes screen shot

I avoided making the menu a drop down and presented it as a list instead in order for all the information to be presented to the user.During user heuristic testing phase, i discovered that the users felt more comfortable using the listed menu than a drop down menu. It is also enticing to check some parts of the website out when the user ends up on the website.



Marks & sebbs Brand design screen shot


The most important part of the research findings is the fact that both customers and potential customers want to be able to access educative content on a construction website, content that will help them make informed decision before deciding on any kind of construction or purchase of a building, this research finding is the result of implementing an educative page and an informative page, which will build confidence, trust and reliability on the company, and also help with the website traffic.

Thank you for viewing, to see the full case study please contact me.