XD Daily Creative Challenge


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Xd daily challenge

Event Landing Page

I was challenged to design and prototype a web page for an event. Display the date, location, content and a clear call to action to register.

What makes my app special

The ticket contains a looping video of the event; this is a marketing strategy to show users how the event will be / give them a feel of the event. When you click the “buy ticket” Button, the ticket breaks up, making the experience, really pleasant


I was challenged to make the page responsive on day two, which I did, I did not add the image on here, you can check it on my:behance



Link to Prototype

XD daily creative challenge day 3

For this challenge, we were asked to design and prototype a mobile app experience, to browse your photo albums.

I first researched all the features of a photo app, the apps i studied were, google photo app, ios photo app, and Samsung Note 3 photo app. I compared the features of the apps in order to make sure the featur i am creating in my own app is unique.

What makes my app stand out is the "shufle" feature, which makes it easy to go through allot of pictures really fast.



Link to Prototype

XD daily creative challenge day 4

I was challenged to Design and prototype a mobile app to order a taxi. Display the location of the car in real-time, and rate your driver.